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little seed COFFEE ROASTERS intends to engage people in a joyful experience drinking and sharing our coffee. We roast to bring out the best in each coffee with the goal to remain approachable - to the most experienced coffee drinker as well as the novice who wants to expand their palette. First and foremost, we roast coffee grown by skilled farmers. Though among specialty coffee, this is not inherently unique. Many specialty roasters across the country, and even across our state of Vermont, have similar practices. What is unique, is the often washed (but not always) coffees we roast and share focus on subtle but unique notes that bring joy and curiosity to the palate.


We are committed to using recyclable bags and compostable cups, lids, and straws in our shop. All of our coffee grounds and food waste in the shop are composted at the end of each day. We have every intention of making as minimal impact as possible, and are always seeking ways that we can improve.

While no facility in the state will take our compostable, petroleum-free coffee cups and lids that are sourced from Good Start Packaging, they are produced with sugarcane and biodegrade in a fraction of the time that it would take conventional paper cups. We use reusable bins and de-gassing lids from Airscape to store our coffee in the best possible way.

And don't for get about the water in a can!

Who We Are

Roasting high quality, great-tasting coffee is only a part of who we are and what we do. little seed COFFEE ROASTERS is a welcoming and present approach to specialty coffee. Coffee culture, and the spaces where it is consumed, should provide a respite in our community where we can enjoy ourselves. We value our relationships with those who allow us the opportunity to serve our coffee, as well as our customers near and far. A welcoming, inclusive environment is key to who we are and we are proud to keep these values at the center of all we do. At the end of the day, we hope our coffee brings you joy and keeps you going - and that you feel good about choosing us, too.

Where To Find Our Coffee


Campground Beer and Coffee  Sea Cliff, NY

Onyx Tonics Burlington, VT

The Farmstand Cafe and Market Hydeville, VT

Putnam’s Vine/Yard White River Junction, VT

Downhill Bread Bristol, VT

Farmer and the Bell (pop-up closed; brick and mortar coming soon) Woodstock, VT

and our shop of course! Middlebury, VT


Momma’s Wine and Grocery Cambridge, MA

Vermont’s Own Middlebury, VT


Chleo Kingston, NY

51 Main Middlebury, VT

Swift House Inn Middlebury, VT

Marquis Theater Cafe Middlebury, VT

Two Brothers Tavern (espresso martinis!) Middlebury, VT

Mountain View Vacations Stowe and all over VT

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Our Store

24 Merchants Row, Middlebury, VT 05753

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Opening Hours

8am to 4pm Daily

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